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Natalie Doll


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This is the very Doll you are buying. She is ready to ship the next business day. Shipping is FREE and will arrive in 3 to 7 days depending on your location.


FREE Shipping!!! Only in the Continental USA

This item is insured or Handling cost includes insurance


Natalie Specs:

Solid Medical TPE Doll with full Articulated steel Skeleton including Fingers and feet


Height:            5"2'

Bust:             31.5"

Lower Bust:  24.5"

Waist:           19.5"

Hips:             31.5

Arm Length: 25"

Foot Length:  8"

Net weight:  68 lbs

Vagina Depth:  7"

Oral Depth:      5"

Anal depth:      6.25"

Package Dimensions: 60" X 15"x 11"



Natalie comes with the following EXTRA FREE items!!!


1. Brunette Wig

2. 3 sets of eyes, Blue, Brown & Green

3. Plastic pump bottle for cleaning the openings.

4. White cotton gloves to handle the Doll

5. Handheld heater for the openings. USB power required. ( note: do not over heat the openings otherwise it might get damaged!!! ) 

6. White underwear & bra

7. Small Comb



Natalie's  Breast and Butt are skillfully crafted with our Supper Soft Medical TPE materials  

Making her unbelievably realistic for a premium experience                                                                         


Her skeleton comes with strong fully articulated Steel joints that stays in place for photo shoots


Outfit is our discrete travel undies & tank top


 All our Elite Dolls are carefully crafted by our partner artists in China

Developed to provide premium love dolls 


We use

for secure checkout

I AGREE with the Terms & Conditons

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